Flashback image gallery: Belize

Placencia, Belize

Ben is driving our 4×4 RV home from Oregon as I type, and I’m so excited to get it in the driveway and to start working on modifications for our PanAm trip!

But for now it’s Friday, which I am dubbing Flashback Friday. Really, this is just a catchy name for an excuse to post photos from previous travels. Eye candy until we hit the road again.

I won’t regale you with tales from that trip, as most of the details have faded into the sweet, hazy mélange of recollection. What I remember from those two weeks spent in Belize in 2009 is comprised of distinct scenes, not necessarily in chronological order. Smells, sounds, tastes and textures. Such is the nature of memory.

I remember the bucking and tossing of our tiny dive boat on a stormy day, how tranquil the barrier reef was below, and the giant sea turtle who swam alongside us. I remember the clouds of mosquitoes on Caye Caulker, thick and heavy and tortuous every evening, and the smell of the mosquito repellent incense we burned in the house. I remember several hilarious misadventures, including an 8-mile sea kayak expedition through a squall, hitchhiking with a self-righteous ex-pat who turned our 2-hour route into an 8-hour route, and a stubborn tromp through a flooded jaguar preserve in the dark. I remember the strange amalgamation of languages, the taste of fresh creole conch, and learning to play a local card game with no end, no winners, and no losers. I remember the refreshing sweetness of a coconut with a straw in it, sea breeze against my sticky, salty skin, and reggaeton pulsing through the evening stillness.

Here are some photos from that trip as they reflect my memory of that place. Enjoy!

PS – Sorry for the watermarks. I was too lazy to re-export all of these images. 

Where have you been in your pre-blogging days that you’d like to share? Post some images today or next Friday for Flashback Friday!


3 thoughts on “Flashback image gallery: Belize

  1. Tricia A. Mitchell November 3, 2013 / 7:09 pm

    What a collection of paradisiacal images. It seems you had a similar monkey encounter as I did while in India? 🙂


    • rameyontheroad November 7, 2013 / 7:55 pm

      Oh dear – sorry you also had an unfortunate monkey incident. I’ve never liked the buggers. I wasn’t even being stupid. Baby monkey climbed up onto my shoulder to try to escape the ranger, then bit my hand when I tried to get her off of me. Sigh…

      And yes, Belize is a paradise! A complex, diverse, and sometimes zany paradise.


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