On waiting and embracing: a somewhat apologetic return from a lengthy hiatus

At times it is folly to hasten; at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time.
– Ovid

Golden aspens near Buena Vista, CO.
Golden aspens near Buena Vista, CO.

More than six months have passed since we moved to Colorado and, regrettably, since I last wrote here. My extended silence has certainly not been for lack of inspiration; here we are surrounded by indescribable beauty, settled in the eastern shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Endless jagged peaks rise to the west as a seemingly impenetrable fortress of granite, snow, and ice. Aspen groves scatter like boneyards, their golden leaves long abandoned by the frigid night. Rivers, half frozen, wind tortuously through hidden valleys and intimidating gorges. From these mountains, the eastern landscape spills forth almost as an afterthought. Foothills kicking at flatlands. Waist-high grasses rolling in the wind like waves on a golden ocean. The eastern horizon interminably flat and unremarkable, save for a jumble of urban monoliths protesting the impending monotony. Beyond, innumerable fields of sunflowers, wheat, corn, and soy, waiting patiently for spring. The Great Plains, expansive and uninviting like the southwest deserts from whence we came.

Dyna gazing out across the canyons of Utah.
Dyna gazing out across the canyons of Utah.

But I digress. Alas, the moving and resettling process has left me with little time or mental capacity for writing. A *brief* recap of the craziness we brought upon ourselves in the past 6 months:

  • We went RVing all over the Rockies during the summer months, camping, hiking, fishing, climbing and loving life
  • I made a week-long visit back to Oregon to see family in September
  • Work travel (for Ben) to: Detroit, Indiana, Boston, D.C., West Virginia, L.A., Nebraska, Oklahoma, Salt Lake City… the list goes on and on
  • I accepted a full-time job (but why?) at Global Greengrants Fund in September, and have been endlessly shuffling papers and clicking at computer screens ever since
  • We made our annual pilgrimage to the Utah deserts for Thanksgiving climbing
  • Ben had shoulder surgery in December
That's a good-lookin' RV! Chambers Lake, CO.
That’s a good-lookin’ RV! Chambers Lake, CO.

That about sums it up. In short, we have been consumed by the quotidian reality of suburban American life. Go to work. Make some money. Buy some things. Oh wait, we don’t buy that many things. Instead, we hoard our earnings for epic vacations and pump money into our RV!

As I mentioned in a previous post, our overland plans have been delayed by our obstinately ancient dog (she just turned 15, and still going strong). At first, this was somewhat disappointing, although we are in no hurry to say goodbye to sweet Moe. But, as it turns out, there is plenty to enjoy here in Colorado while we wait for the right time. The Rockies are stunningly rugged, and provide us with all the outdoor recreation we could dream of. We live within a short drive to some of the best climbing spots in the country (Eldorado Canyon, The Flatirons, and Boulder Canyon are all about 30 minutes from our house, not to mention the seemingly infinite number of routes elsewhere in the state). Plus, we have 4 of the world’s best 25 ski towns at our back door (or 5 of the top 15 ski resorts in North America, depending on who you ask). There are certainly worse places to land for a couple years.

Our ancient dog, summiting one of Colorado's 14ers this summer. Don't think she'll be dying soon...
Our ancient dog, summiting one of Colorado’s 14ers this summer. Don’t think she’ll be dying soon…

Let me be clear: we are still planning to embark on the Long Road. We will know when it is the right time. Ideally, our old dog(s) will be gone, our RV will be 100% ready, and we will have $50k in the bank. And we’re well on our way. (Check out RV updates here soon!)

In the meantime, not only will we enjoy the wonders of Colorado, but we also have another overseas adventure lined up for April. We just booked tickets for a month in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, possibly Thailand or The Philippines), and we couldn’t be more excited. After all, can you really expect a couple of vagabonds to spend three whole years slaving away with no misadventures abroad, no harebrained gallivanting? Come on, now…

So I am back (with apologies), to regale you with tales from Colorado and beyond, and to bring you along as we prepare for the next adventure!


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