Flashback image gallery: Peru, Bolivia, Chile

Bolivian Altiplano.
Bolivian Altiplano.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons in New Mexico. The days here are dry and mild, and the crisp desert air carries the scent of wood smoke and roasting pecans. A winter hush has fallen over the region, providing a brief respite from the sweltering heat, flash floods, ravaging winds, and abrasive dust which frequent the Chihuahua desert at other times of year. The calm, dry weather and mellow atmosphere allow us ample time for working on our RV, catching up on domestic duties, taking long hikes with the dogs, and enjoying quiet movie nights by the fire. Not so bad.

However, since this is primarily a travel blog, I feel obligated to fuel it with some travel-related content. Time to mine my photo library for another flashback gallery!

Many people ask us why we chose South America for our upcoming trip. It has been nearly ten years since Ben or I spent much time there, but we both have fond memories of our journeys. While every country has something different to offer, the continent as a whole shares a certain ethos: vibrant, tumultuous, wild, and scenic. Almost a decade later, our memories linger, beckoning for us to return. There is something intoxicating there (and no, not the coca). Continue reading


Flashback image gallery: Belize

Placencia, Belize

Ben is driving our 4×4 RV home from Oregon as I type, and I’m so excited to get it in the driveway and to start working on modifications for our PanAm trip!

But for now it’s Friday, which I am dubbing Flashback Friday. Really, this is just a catchy name for an excuse to post photos from previous travels. Eye candy until we hit the road again.

I won’t regale you with tales from that trip, as most of the details have faded into the sweet, hazy mélange of recollection. What I remember from those two weeks spent in Belize in 2009 is comprised of distinct scenes, not necessarily in chronological order. Smells, sounds, tastes and textures. Such is the nature of memory. Continue reading